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About Us


We are a small family owned business. Karen started the business 25+ years ago with the help of a partner who has since passed. Dane, Karen's son, stepped in as manager until he took part ownership. Kara, Karen's daughter, begun working part time at the shop while she finished her undergraduate and graduate degrees. Our shop greeters, Ryder and Lola, give another touch of home as our furry four-legged workers.

Faith, Karen's youngest, will greet you and keep you company while you wait for your order to be completed. 

Who are we?

Excellence and Professionalism

While we are a family, we are professionals in the print industry, each specializing in their own fields of expertise. Karen will assist with quoting and billing. Dane will assist with all things large format, cutting, edits, and anything else you might need assistance with. Kara specializes in design and by contract only. 


A big thank you to Andrew Hund of Hund's Re-Cycle Factory for making our stylish delivery bikes!

Customer Appreciation

We can't say enough positive things about our customers, whom many of which we are happy to say are friends. You may enter our store as strangers, but leave as part of the family. Downtown Norfolk is such a small close knit community, we never walk down a street without seeing one of our friends. Part of what makes us great is YOU. Thank you for allowing us to serve our great community by serving you.

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